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Vehicle diagnostics is the process of determining any trouble with your car by accessing its internal computer system.  If your Check Engine light comes on, a trouble code, referencing your car's problem, is sent to the computer system. There are often multiple trouble codes sent for a specific problem, and it is vitally important that the technician accessing the codes is able to accurately read and decipher them in order to isolate the problem and perform the appropriate repair.  At Jacksonville’s Best Mobile Mechanic, I am trained and experienced in Vehicle Diagnostic technology, and I thoroughly test the vehicle based on the computer’s information in order to determine the real cause of the warning light.  The Vehicle Diagnostics equipment that Jacksonville's Best Mobile Mechanic uses is state of the art, and I don’t make repairs until I am one hundred percent sure of what is troubling the car and causing the signal to the computer.  I carry this equipment with me and can perform the diagnostic test, as well as most repairs, on site.  This saves you precious time and money wasted by keeping you from needing a tow to the shop.  I guarantee all the work vehicle diagnostics Jacksonville perform, and I make sure to get it right the first time.  Call me today for a routine diagnostics check to make sure all parts and pieces in your car are operating properly.